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"The Cowboy Train" by Hal Cannon from NPR's Weekend Edition, 2006:


"Rail Tours With Live Music" by William Hagerman, about the 2014 West of the West trip, from The Chicago Tribune, May 21, 2014.

"Riding on a Railroad" by Bob Lefsetz, about the 2009 Mystery Train with Stan Ridgway, Jill Sobule and The Handsome Family, from The Lefsetz Letter, November 2009:

"Playing on the Rails" by Randy Lewis, about the 2009 Kachina Express with Dave Alvin and The Flatlanders, copyright Los Angeles Times, September 2009:

"Riding the Music Train" from Reader's Digest (Canada, September 2005) about the 2005 Songwriter Train with Nanci Griffith, Mary Gauthier, Gretchen Peters and Tom Russell:


Gretchen Peters and Barry Walsh were participants on the 2009 Roots on the Narrow Gauge (Albuquerque-Durango-Silverton-Pagosa Springs-Chama, September 18-24, 2009) along with Tom Russell, Thad Beckman, Sourdough Slim, Wylie Gustafson and Paul Zarzyski. Here's their highly engaging video journal of the trip: (click on "Cowboy Train Videos").

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings' "Stoned" video uses a lot of footage from their participation in the first Cowboy Junkies Train (Toronto-Vancouver, November 10-14, 2006):

Cowboy Junkies performing "Walking After Midnight" in the Performance Car on the 2006 trip:

The music on the November 2007 Fiddle Train with Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas and Genticorum started the moment we left Vancouver and didn't stop till we arrived in Toronto! Here's a typical, informal jam in the rear lounge of the Skyline car:

Songwriter Train (Tom Russell and The Flatlanders, Toronto-Vancouver, November 9-13, 2008). This video starts out in the dining car and moves to the Performance Car, where our on-board naturalist Elsabe Kloppers (on the fiddle) and guitarist Michael Martin finish up with a bit of Waterboys music:

The 2008 Roots on the Narrow Gauge trip with Fred Eaglesmith, Corb Lund, Po’ Girl, Washboard Hank & Lance Loree (Albuquerque-Durango-Silverton-Pagosa Springs-Chama, September 26-October 3, 2008) features outstanding scenery, great music and vintage steam engines:

One of the highpoints of the Polar Bear Train (Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba and return, November 2-9, 2008) was each afternoon’s "Monsters of the Frets" workshop in the Performance Car. Here Gurf Morlix, Andrew Hardin, Lance Loree and Jon Dee Graham team up on Jon Dee’s song "Best" (language advisory during introduction):


Here are just a few of our favorite sets of photos viewable online.

Polar Bear Train 2008 with Fred Eaglesmith Band, Gurf Morlix, Audrey Auld, Andrew Hardin, Washboard Hank, Lance Loree and Jon Dee Graham.
Photos copyright by Dave Forro:
Photos copyright by Paul Ellis:

Roots on the Narrow Gauge 2007 with Fred Eaglesmith Band and Eilen Jewell.
Photos copyright by Dave Forro:

Cowboy Train 2005 (Vancouver-Toronto) with Tom Russell, Rambling Jack Elliott, Don Edwards, Wylie and the Wild West and Paul Zarzyski. Photos copyright by Antonio Zarzueta Olmos:

Tarahumara Train 2007 (Tucson to Mexico's Copper Canyon) with Tom Russell, Dave Alvin, Butch Hancock, Terry Allen, Jo Harvey Allen, Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum. Photos copyright by Susan Cane: